Solar Panels Westmeath

Solar Panels Westmeath

Solar Panels Westmeath

Renewable Energy Westmeath

Solar PV Panels Ireland carry out installations all over County Westmeath. In locations like, Athlone and Mullingar. So if you are thinking of installing solar panels on your home in westmeath, then we would love to hear from you. We are fully qualified solar panel installers in Westmeath.

Solar panels on your roof are an excellent way to invest your money. In a short period of time the system will pay for itself and begin to make huge savings on your energy bill. This is saved money that can be put to good use elsewhere. Check out our home services page for more information on how solar panels can work for your home in Westmeath.

Long life solar panels

Our solar panels come with a power rating warranty of 25 years. This means your panels with generate electricity for many years to come. And with electricity prices on the rise year by year that translates to a lot of savings. So if you are interested in solar panels in Mullingar, Athlone or anywhere in Westmeath and would like a free quote get in touch on our contact page. We can design a system for your needs. And we can also let you know what type of savings it will generate.

Solar panels have been in use as renewable energy source for decades. But there has never been a time where the technology has been so affordable and also efficient. Therefore now is the time to invest in your future and be in control of your utilities.

How solar panels work in Westmeath

Solar panels in Westmeath will work year round. The panels will generate DC power which is then converted to AC to be used by your appliances. If the panels are generating more than your demand you have the option of storing some of this surplus in a battery. Or you can export it to the grid and get paid by your energy supplier.

There is a feed in tariff to be introduced in 2021 and rates per unit to be agreed on. This will allow you to generate renewable energy and receive payment to export power back to the local grid. If you have an appliance that is asking for more power than the panels can generate at that time then the grid will supply the balance. Get in touch to book our solar panel installers in Westmeath.