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Electric Car Chargers

Electric Car Chargers Ireland

ev car chargers

Electric Car Chargers Ireland

The world is changing at a rapid pace and we are all trying to keep up. Solar and Electric car charging technology is at its peak and it is fast becoming a normal part of all of our lives. Solar PV Panels Ireland are safe electric registered and EV charger installation experts. Not only do we install electric car chargers across Ireland but we can also design a solar panel system to charge your electric vehicle so you can cut down on your energy bills.

charge your vehicle with solar energy

Combine solar & EV

Combining solar energy and electric car charging is an excellent way to save money. One great way to achieve this is by building a carport shelter with solar pv panels on its roof. Your EV charger can be mounted in the shelter and much if not all of its power can be supplied by solar energy. Check out this video to learn about the benefits of combing you electric car with solar energy here. Click the contact us button below to get in touch and find out more.

Electric Vehicle car charging shelter with solar energy
Electric Car chargers

electric car chargers ireland

How It Works

It is no secret that in the not too distant future most if not everyone in Ireland will own an electric vehicle. There are many benefits from Low tax rates to huge savings on fuel. If you are building a new home now is an ideal time to future proof and install and electric vehicle charger. It is also quite is to retrofit to older homes. You can be in control of your own energy. The addition of solar technology will save you money for years to come. Get in touch to see how we can help.

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