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domestic solar panels in ireland

We Specialise In Domestic Solar

Solar PV Panels Ireland specialise in domestic solar panels installations throughout Ireland. From private home owners to residential estates we cover all installations. Have a look through our services page to learn more about how solar energy is right for you.

Domesitc solar panel installation in Ireland.


Make Great Savings On Domestic Solar Panels In Ireland

Solar PV Panels Ireland specialise in solar panel installations in homes throughout Ireland of all sizes. We offer design and installation services nationwide. Check out our blog for more information.

Domestic solar panels Ireland ground mounted.

domestic solar panels in ireland

Ground Mounting

Should you not have enough roof space for your energy demands, there are other options available for domestic solar panels in Ireland. If you have some free space in your back garden our ground mounted kits can allow for extra space that your roof cannot provide.

Domestic solar panels Ireland on roof of house.

domestic solar panels in ireland

Roof Mounting

Although solar panels will work perfectly in over cast cloudy days, they will be more efficient in direct sunlight. Therefore roof orientation and size and space will be the first factors to consider on our site visit.

solar panels will save you money

Advantages Of Solar Panels

Electricity and utility service costs in general continue to rise in Ireland. The addition of a well designed solar installation can give you the benefit of reducing energy bills straight away. It is also important to note that even on cloudy days solar panels will continue to produce free energy.

Our battery system allows home owners to store excess energy on sunny days. This energy can be used at a different time to help fuel max demand periods.

Our solar panels can be installed on all roof types due to their modular design. Even if your roof orientation or space available is not correct we have ground mounting options to suit.

The feed in tariff which is to be rolled out nationally by 2021 will allow customers who are generating renewable energy to sell surplus energy back into the grid for others to use. This is a great incentive for those who wish to not only save money but make money by generating their own energy.

Depending on system size and age solar panels that are already installed at the time of the sale of a property can significantly boost it’s resale price. Solar panels also extend the life of a roof of a property by protecting tiles and slates from the sun’s rays. In turn the house is more energy efficient year round as the panels absorb the sun’s rays allowing more control of indoor temperatures.

Installing solar panels on your home will help with the impact of greenhouse gases on the environment. This is done by eliminating the need to create electricity from fossil fuels.

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